Implications of Being a Catholic School

  • Education involves the whole person and so it must deal with the intellectual, moral, religious, physical and psychological development of each student.
  • Parents are the primary educators of their children and this responsibility should not be delegated to any other agency.
  • Religious education is not a sectarian enterprise but is a core part of a rounded education.

  • The Catholic school is part of the Church’s pastoral ministry.
  • Catholic schools should contribute to the life of the parishes and dioceses in which they are located and they have a right to receive support from these Church bodies.
  • Catholic Schools value teaching as one of the most important of all human activities for the teacher does not write on inanimate material, but on the very spirits of human beings.
  • Catholic schools should be involved in the dialogue between faith and culture in that the various subjects taught do not present only knowledge to be attained, but also values to be acquired and truths to be discovered.
  • Catholic schools should serve those who are poor – either impoverished as a result of social background or impoverished due to lack of values and any sense of the meaning of life.
  • Catholic schools welcome students from all faith traditions and those of no faith precisely because the schools are Catholic and are thus open to dialogue with the other.
  • Chaplains, Religious Educators and members of Religious Orders are an important expression of the ecclesial dimension of the school.
  • Catholic schools willingly participate in the delivery of State curricula, in the preparation of students for the State’s examinations and in achieving the highest academic standards.
  • Schools do not exist primarily for the service of the economy but for the service of the human person who is called to live in solidarity with other persons in search of the common good.
  • Education cannot be reduced to information or technology but has as its goal the formation of a human person who is free, rational and mature in relationships.