Out of the Stars


‘OUT OF THE STARS’ is about a paradigm shift of consciousness into a totally different way of relating to the Earth with the new awareness that we are not at the centre but simply just one part of the awesome web of life on the planet.

This module on the New Cosmology for 15 –17 year old students explores a new world view within the wider context of the awesome story of creation, the unfolding universe, showing how we are mysteriously and mystically, woven into the interconnected sacred web of life from the contemplative stance.

This new awareness will help us realise our total dependence on the planet for our very sustenance; how we are kin to all life and inside the dynamics of the earth/universe rather than observers.

This module opens up the awe and wonder of the Earth to the students, offering a more sustainable way of living and opens the students to a new relationship with the God of an unfolding and expanding Universe. ‘Out of the Stars’ is truly a holistic approach to the education of the young person.

At the end of this programme a student will have a better sense of who s/he is in a cosmic sense. It will be a life changing journey.

A person may never be the same again after an education like this.



Out of the Stars

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