Presentation Secondary School, Ballyphehane

Mission Statement

Presentation Secondary School, Ballyphehane strives for excellence in a Christian environment.

Our Aims;

  • To strive for excellence in a Christian environment.
  • To foster an understanding and critical appreciation of Christian values, i.e., moral, spiritual, religious, social and cultural.
  • To foster a spirit of self reliance, innovation, initiative and imagination and to prepare students for life.
  • To create tolerant, caring and politically aware members of society.
  • To nurture a sense of personal identity, self-esteem and awareness of ones unique abilities and aptitudes combined with a respect for the rights and beliefs of others.
  • To raise awareness of students national and European heritage and identity, coupled with a global awareness and respect for different traditions and cultures.


School History

Presentation Secondary School, Ballyphehane, was founded in 1966 as a Secondary Top of the 1950's Maria Assumpta Primary School. In 1969 it became a full Secondary School under post primary Branch of the Department of Education and later initiated post Leaving Certificate programmes as well as being to the forefront of curriculum development. The school began with 18 students and now caters for up to 500 students. In 1987 a magnificent new extension was completed.

Our school has always being to the forefront of development. Its former Trustees, the Presentation Sisters, were founded by the pioneering Nano Nagle, whose vision of education for all has been implemented by the management and staff since our foundation. This has meant an open door policy towards every child and our school has been enriched over the years by students from cultures other than our own. Through these students, international links have been made, while strong links with the community are a vital part of the ethos of our school.

As the Global Village shrinks, we are constantly forging connections with the rest of the world, to assist in the development of every student.


Joe Murphy Rd, Ballyphehane





Ms. Nicola Barrett

Deputy Principal:
Ms. Gillian Murphy