Presentation Secondary School, Blackrock


Mission Statement

"A Christian environment where learning and teaching nurture the personal development of every student"


Rockford Manor is a non fee-paying Secondary School for girls which differentiates itself from other schools by catering for a wide range of social categories within the Catholic ethos of the Presentation Congregation.

The size of the school is unique in its catchment area enabling it to provide education of the highest quality in an intimate and caring environment where there is an emphasis on individuality and personal contact and affirmation. In the school there is an emphasis on achievement and in this climate of excellence, improvement and success are not only rewarded, but celebrated.


The underlying philosophy of Rockford Manor is based on a commitment to nurture the personal development of every student to her full potential guided by the Catholic principles of the Presentation Sisters.

The school fosters a caring, intimate culture with an emphasis on building self-esteem and achieving excellence.

This is a relatively small school where friendship, affirmation and individual attention are encouraged among pupils, teachers and parents.

In this climate of care and personal fulfillment we aspire to produce a mature, well-educated, well-adjusted, tolerant, responsible, socially aware and Christian person.

School History

In 1958 Presentation Sisters established Rockford Manor Secondary School in the Blackrock are of South County Dublin. The original convent school was replaced with a new building – this forms the new building.

This building was added to in 1986 with the addition of the classrooms, Oratory and P.E. Hall. In 2000 a new extension was constructed. In 2006 the school grounds and school entrance were upgraded.

Rockford Manor has been serving Blackrock and the surrounding areas for over 40 years offering a wide ranging and imaginative curriculum. It aims to continue in the tradition and ethos of the Presentation Congregation by offering opportunities for education for all. It aims to remain a non fee-paying Secondary School.


Rockford Manor, Stradbrook Rd, Blackrock





Ms. Elizabeth Caffrey

Deputy Principal:
Mr. Tony Collison