Presentation College, Headford

Mission Statement

Presentation College Headford is a voluntary Catholic Secondary School which opens its doors to all.

Its aim, in partnership with parents, is to facilitate the education of its students for Christian living, by developing each one morally, socially, culturally, spiritually, intellectually, emotionally an physically.

We seek to promote a caring and committed school community where learning is nurtured, where gifts are recognised and the dignity of each person is valued.

School History

The Presentation Sisters arrived in Headford in 1906. The Sisters educated and trained girls through Primary School education on Convent grounds. The School was destroyed by fire in the 1940’s and the Sisters taught in old army huts until the end of the 1940’s.

Despite these conditions, the Secondary School was started in 1942 with 37 students, all girls – 17 in First Year and 20 in Second Year. In 1946 the demand for places led to classes being taken in the Sisters’ dining room and in the local parochial hall.

The School was rebuilt by 1949 and a secondary school was completed in 1953. In 1955 the Sisters were asked to provide education for boys also and with vision and courage the School became co-educational.

The first major extension to the School was completed in 1978 and a gymnasium was added in 1982.

A further extension was added in 1990. A new prefab special needs unit was put in place in 2004. The first Board of Management was appointed in 1987.

The School has a very strong sense of community and has ties with a range of community organisations. The School provides an excellent education for the children of the community, both curricular and extra-curricular.







Ms. Mary Sweeney

Deputy Principal:
Mrs. Aisling McAlpine and Mr. Ciarán Ryan