Megan McKenna Day


“We Live inside a Story”

A Morning with Megan McKenna



Megan McKenna once again joined forces with CEIST and gave a day for our teachers in Kilmurry Lodge, Limerick, on Saturday 10th October.

Megan began with her trademark observation that “All stories are true and some of them actually happened” telling us that “when I say ‘Once upon a time’ it is happening to you”. She spoke of the ways in which stories always, at some level, teach us about truth, and of the ways in which they enable us to see ourselves from many vantage points. During the morning Megan shared with us the story of ‘Truth and Story’ – concluding that wherever Story goes Truth is told!

The theme of the day was that we all live inside a story, and the image used was that of Russian Matryoshka dolls. We might have assumed that she would begin with the smallest of the dolls, representing ourselves, and work outwards through family, local community, the wider world and so forth. However Megan suggested that we should begin with the largest of the dolls representing the Trinity, the Universe and the Creation Story; working through the Incarnation and the Paschal Mystery and thus gradually reach the innermost doll, situated deep inside the heart of God.

She proclaimed the story of the Baptism of Jesus as told in the Gospel of Mark and allowed us to listen, to hear and to discuss it. We came to understand the reality of our interconnectedness; the importance of not only listening for ourselves, but of sharing. What we hear is not necessarily for ourselves, but to be shared with others; what others hear is to be shared with us.

Christian Community must be based on the two pillars of Scripture and Liturgy. Without these pillars what we are calling ‘Christian Community’ is founded on little more than friendship groups. Important as these are, the Christian community is called to a more radical reality.

We each live inside a story; and that story, is much larger than any of us.