Allianz as providers of school insurance for CEIST have a dedicated team of people together with local representatives (Customer Service Team) throughout the country to assist School Principals, with any queries which may arise in relation to the insurance covers, claims etc.

Please feel free to contact your local representative who will be delighted to call to your school and provide the necessary assistance.

The CEIST Education Office will liaise closely with Allianz in relation to all claims and premiums. In order to streamline administration, the following procedures have been agreed with Allianz in relation to claims administration:

Claims Procedures

Property Claims

Types of claims – Malicious damage, theft, storm/flood damage, fire damage, burst pipes, Money.

1. School should directly contact the Allianz CEIST claims team or their local Allianz representative. Please quote your new policy number which is specific to your school.

Contact details for the Allianz property claims department:

Property Claims Dept – Phone No. (01) 6133377
Marie Phelan (
Sarah Clare (
Donna Wildes (

2. Allianz will appoint a loss adjuster to visit the school as soon as possible.

3. If it is safe to do so, remove any undamaged property to prevent further loss.

4. Obtain estimates for repair or replacement as soon as possible

5. Your local Allianz representative will also be available outside office hours to assist schools with emergency claims.

6. Allianz will provide details of all property claims to the CEIST Education Office on a monthly basis.


Employers / Public Liability Claims

Type of claims - Bodily injury to an Employee, Pupil or other person.

1. Notify the CEIST Education Office of any incident, which is likely to give rise to a claim. CEIST Education Office will then notify Allianz.

2. Complete an accident report form together with reports from any witnesses to the incident.

3. Whilst being sympathetic and helpful, do not do or say anything, which might be interpreted as an admission of liability.

4. If the incident involved equipment, it should be removed from service and kept for inspection.

5. Photographs taken of exact location soon after the accident may prove invaluable in the event of an action against the school.

6. Forward solicitor's letters or other correspondence regarding the accident to the CEIST Education Office immediately and without reply.

7. Allianz Claims Relationship Manager - Gerry O'Toole is available to assist schools and provide advice in relation to any liability claims - Contact - or 087 - 2476243

Indemnity to Management Claims

Type of claims - Professional Indemnity, Employment Practices and Legal Expenses

1. The policy condition under the insurance policy in relation to the above claims requires the school to give immediate written notice to Allianz through the CEIST Education Office. Written notice should be given in relation to the following:

(a) Upon receiving notification of a claim; and
(b) Becoming aware of any circumstances which might reasonably be expected to result in a claim irrespective of the views of the school as to the validity or otherwise of such claim or prospective claim.

2. School may contact Allianz Claims Relationship Manager Gerry O'Toole (details above) to request advice in relation to any potential claims that could arise arising out the school activities.

3. Legal Costs and expenses occurred prior to notification of the claim will not be covered by the insurance policy.

4. Failure to notify claims in a timely manner can seriously affect the ability of Allianz to adequately and appropriately investigate claims and any related circumstances thus leading to unnecessary incurrence of increased costs.

Claims Review

Claims Review Meetings to discuss outstanding claims will be held every six months or on an agreed time frame with CEIST Education Office. A Claim Review Booklet will be produced for each meeting.

Allianz will investigate every accident notified on which a claim has been intimated. Allianz has a panel of tied Investigators who provide a prompt and efficient service to CEIST on our behalf. Allianz will ensure that full consultation and agreement is reached before any decisions are made in relation to the defence or settlement of any case and will also ensure that pre-trial consultations take place in advance of trials. When final settlement figures have been agreed, Allianz will advise CEIST in writing within five working days.

Court attendance

In the event that a case proceeds to Court for hearing, Allianz will on request, arrange a call out by an Allianz representative in advance of trial to go through the case detail with witnesses and to provide reassurance where required, in cases where witnesses might feel anxious about attending Court. The Allianz representative in most cases will be the person attending Court on the day and will be a familiar face for the witnesses to meet on the day.

How Can You Help Us

The prompt and satisfactory processing of claims relies on close co-operation between the schools, CEIST Education Office and Allianz. We depend on the schools to provide us with the necessary information and documentation in a timely manner. A reporting structure through CEIST Education Office in all matters excluding property notifications has been agreed. In the event where you are not sure whether to notify Allianz or not, please contact or e-mail Ciaran Whelan or alternatively one of his colleagues (see attached Customer Service Team) who will be happy to assist you.


Allianz - CEIST Customer Service Team


Relationship Management

Ciaran Whelan – Religious and Education Manager
01-6133447 & 087-6382526

Local Representatives - Business Executive Team

Shane Mooney
Areas - Galway, Mayo
087 – 9190428

Martin Sinnott
Area - Kilkenny , Carlow, Kildare, Laois, Wexford, Waterford

Neil Tobin
Area- Cork , Kerry

Alan Black
Area - Dublin, Wicklow, Meath, Westmeath, Offaly, Louth, Monaghan

Tom Brennan
Area - Sligo, Longford, Roscommon, Leitrim, Cavan

Noel O'Loughlin
Area - Clare, Tipperary, Limerick
087- 2588943

Mairead Mullins
Area - Donegal
087- 2485065


Education/Operations Team

Dermot Connor – Specialist Senior Underwriting

Philip Marshall - Senior Underwriter

David O’Rourke - Senior Underwriter
David O’


Claims Relationship Management

Gerry O'Toole
01-6133063 & 087 2476243

Property Claims Team

Therese Weber - Property Claims Manager