Work Experience for Students

We appreciate that work experience is a very important part of the educational development of a student. We also appreciate the burden placed on schools when arranging placements with employers. Please find below some small tips which may be of assistance:

  • It is important the school request the following information when contacting local employers for support in placing students with them (a) Business occupation of the employer. (b) The type of work the student will be asked to carry out (c) Details of safety precautions that will be put in place, including supervision / monitoring if the student when participating on work experience.
  • In the cases where the parent/student has arranged their own work experience placement, the school should still ascertain the same information as detailed above.
  • The teacher responsible for arranging the work experience program in the school should be satisfied with the above information before confirming placement with the student and employer.

When the employer confirms agreement to facilitate a student on work experience, this should be followed up by issuing "Letter A" which can be located on our insurers web-site (under Resources). In many cases, the employer will request an indemnity in respect of the performance of such work by any student of the school. For such cases, the school should issue "Letter B " which is also located on (under Resources).

Health and Safety Authority

The Health and Safety Authority have put up on their website a very useful guide to assist teachers in preparing their students for the health and safety aspect of their work experience programme. It offers practical information and advice on workplace health and safety that can be taught and discussed with students in the classroom before they embark on work experience.

Click here to access the Health and Safety Authority website where you can download the guide.