Engineering Inspection

For schools that have lifts or have recently installed lifts, it is now a legal requirement to arrange Engineering Inspection cover.

Legislation changed in November 2007. Previously schools in Educational Establishments only had a duty of care to complete a thorough examination on their lifts.

Under the Safety, Heath and Welfare and Work (General Applications) 2007 when European legislation was incorporated, a thorough examination is required on all lifting plant within a place of work.

My maintenance company inspects my lift, why do I need someone else to inspect it?

All schools have a duty of care to make sure their plant is safe. If an incident happens, a school must prove their compliance of health and safety legislation by proving what measures were in place to prevent an incident occurring. The first question asked would be did they have a thorough examination completed by an independent competent person so that there could be no question mark surrounding the integrity of the examination?

A maintainer who inspects their own work does not follow the spirit of the legislation and a conflict could occur regarding the inspection of their own work and freedom to advise on all defects without "fear or favour". This means that as they have 2 interests in the equipment (inspection and maintenance), they may not be able to inspect the plant in an unbiased manner.