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Insurance Cover for Parents Associations

Schools often ask about the nature and extent of cover provided for Parents' Associations under the Public Liability Section of the Custodian School Protection Policy.

The Public Liability Section of the School Protection Policy provides an indemnity to the Board of Management, Patron and Trustees of the school for their legal liability for damages and legal costs and expenses arising out of and in connection with a “School Related Activity”, which is defined in the Policy as:

any activity usual to a school which is carried out with full knowledge and authority of and under the control of the Board of Management/Governors of the School or of any person specifically authorized by them

The indemnity under the policy can be extended, at the request of the Board of Management to include Parents Associations.

(a) Provided the liability arises out of and in the course of a School Related Activity.


(b) Subject to the terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions of the policy.

However, the School Protection Policy does not provide any cover whatsoever where a Parent Association is acting as a separate and autonomous entity without approval of and at the written request of the Board of Management. It is therefore advisable for Parents Associations to effect their own separate liability cover to insure the Association and its officers in respect of such activities/events. You should contact Allianz directly to arrange the appropriate cover. Parents Associations that are affiliated to the National Parents Council can receive cover at reduced rates.

Security and Safeguarding your School

The School Insurance Policy requires the Board of Management at all times to exercise reasonable care to prevent loss or damage to their property. This is important throughout the year but especially burring holiday periods when the school may lie vacant for a number of months.

The Board should establish a dedicated Security Risk Management Group that could be independent of or indeed form part of the general health and safety function of the school. The size of the group would be dependent of the size and complexity of the school and could be made up of the caretakers, teaching staff, members of the Board and perhaps pupils and parents.

The group needs to carry out their own “Risk Assessment” to identify ways, in which intruders could enter, possibly start fires, steal equipment, cause damage and what the effect would be and how to prevent or reduce the risk.

School Security Protection falls into three broad categories:

1. Physical Security: Fencing around the School, Locks, Strong Rooms etc.

2. Electronic Security: Intruder Alarms, Sensors, CCTV.

3. Management/Housekeeping: Key & Alarm Code Control, Lockup Procedures, Storage of Valuables etc.

You insurer will provide advice on any issues relating to security and will review and advise on any specifications for the installation of security equipment. Click on link below to view a security risk assessment checklist, which will assist in completing your security risk assessment.

Allianz Security Risk Assessment Checklist