March Resources 2016

The following resources were very kindly shared by Anna Maloney, Post Primary Diocesan Advisor, Dublin Archdiocese.

March Resources

The March Resources on our website have been updated to offer continued support during the Lenten Season.

1916 Rising

March 15th: Schools celebrate Centenary of 1916 Rising

Resource recommendations

Take a look at the SCRE (non -exam) and Year of Mercy resources shared at the recent CEIST RE Support Days; practical, engaging and creative. 

Useful websites for the R.E. Classroom

The BackPack Programme; journeying with teens through their anxieties & challenges to equip participants with essential tools for life. For further details about this fantastic resource, click here.

As this questionnaire asks questions on R.E. in schools etc, to match one's political views with the prospective candidates in one's constituency, it may prove helpful during the next 24 hours or so, if you are still undecided!

Lord I Need You - Emmanuel 2016

As a moment of prayer and to give you a taster of the wonderful music on offer at Emmanuel 2016, take a look at this beautiful footage capturing Matt Maher's performance of Lord, I Need You at WYD Rio 2013.

Emmanuel 2016

The Emmanuel concerts begin on Monday night (Feb 29) @ 7:30pm, when our first group of schools for 2016 will join together to perform a wide variety of Liturgical music. Tickets are available for purchase here.

The Emmanuel 2016 Classroom Resources have been created to aid a deeper exploration of the music with students.