January 2017 Resources

The following resources were very kindly shared by Anna Maloney, Post Primary Diocesan Advisor, Dublin Archdiocese.

January Resources

The January Resources have been updated and are avialable for viewing here, where you will find ideas to support your planning for the weeks ahead.

The January Resources have been updated to include Catholic Schools Week 2017.

Martin Luther King Day

As Sunday marks the birthday of Martin Luther King, TrueTube offer these resources: Martin Luther King Jr on January 15.


Some interesting in-service options etc and much else to inspire, from Brendan O'Regan on FaithArts

Holy Spirit Resources

Holy Spirit Resources - this link to the website, offers a variety of resources to assist you in engaging students on the topic of the Holy Spirit, as part of the mystery of the Holy Trinity.

TESTeach Blendspace Codes

Wishing the Second Year students of the Catholic Institute of Education, DCU (formerly Mater Dei) every joy as they embark on their teaching placements next week.

TESTeach, formerly known as Blendspace, is a brilliant platform for preparing/storing module and lesson material.
I shared two blendspace 'lessons' with the TP group to support their planning some time ago, but perhaps some of the content may be of use to you also? Take a look and see:

Anna Maloney - Suggested Resources for TP Students

Section B - Foundations in Christianity

Huffington Post - Please read in advance and exercise discretion

Perhaps time before the break did not permit for a look back on 2016 with your students. If you plan to do so next week, perhaps some of the items raised in this Huffington Post article are worth exploring: 33 Moments in 2016 That Proved Religion Can Be a Force for Good, but be sure to read this in advance to decide for yourself.

Pope Francis

In this article from Catholic News Agency, Pope Francis encourages us to Love God Now - because you may not have tomorrow.

Updated from a few years ago, these principles from Pope Francis can challenge us as we welcome the possibilities of 2017: New Year's Resolutions by Pope Francis

Take a look a this striking image from Twitter: Hope is needed to rebuild... & from Catholic News Service: "New Year calls for courage, hope; no more hatred or selfishness"

And finally, on a lighter note: 12 days of Christmas at Pope Francis General Audience