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The following resources were very kindly shared by Anna Maloney, Post Primary Diocesan Advisor, Dublin Archdiocese.

Prayers Service for Opening School Year 2017/18

Prayer for Staff

Prayers for Students

Recommended Links and Articles

Education for Jusice - Jeuit Schools Ireland - Responding to Injustice 

A worthwhile read also from Xt3, Bono Thinks Christian Artists Need To Be Way More Honest.

Worth exploring with your students too; this recent edition of CNS' series of columns focused on and written by millenials and young adults: In this case, Elise Italiano writes In Light of Faith

From the Irish Independent, good discussion material - perhaps with exam groups this week - In God we trust...

Knock, knock... Pope Francis goes door to door in Rome


Brendan O'Regan shares information about the YouCat Bible which will be available soon and much more here in his recent post on Faitharts.

President Michael D. Higgins meets Pope Francis

Having frequently quoted Pope Francis since his election; perhaps this meeting was destined to happen. President Higgins and Pope Francis discuss migration, climate change and many other important topics of shared interest in the Vatican.

Religious Education CPD Survey

Gareth Byrne has requested engagement with the following survey: CPD and Religious Education - What do teachers want? See full details in address from Gareth below. Sincere apologies for the short notice - submission deadline is this Friday; May 26th.

The May Calendar Resources on the website have now been updated to support you in the busy weeks ahead; with a Prayer for Workers as we celebrate the Feast of Saint Joseph the Worker.

Graduation Resources

You will see a link to Graduation Resources on the May Resource page; many thanks to those who have contributed the new material for 2017.

Pope Francis TED Talk - Why The Only Future Worth Building Includes Everyone...

Pope Francis has recorded his own TED Talk which you can view here.

Perhaps having watched for yourself, you may see relevance to view this - or a part thereof - with a group of students in the classroom also?


Brendan O'Regan has many suggestions for the month ahead; see his recent bulletin here and the full FaithArts Website for further inspiration.

May, the Month of Mary

As we begin the month, where we honour Mary in a special way, take a look at this article from Thinking Faith: A Timeless Magnificat.

Gerard Manley Hopkin's poem referenced in the article; The May Magnificat, is shared here by Brother Richard Hendrick on Instagram.

See also this image tweeted by Father Richard: Fabulously Powerful Image of Our Lady. (Artists: Parker Fitzgerald & Brittany Richardson)