The following are prayers that we hope you will enjoy reading and perhaps may find useful to use in your work.

Founding Congregations Prayer Book

Click on Prayer Book link below to open our prayer book which includes prayers celebrating the five founding congregations of CEIST.

Official CEIST School Prayer Book 2017

We don’t need special words or religious words because we can pray simply and directly. There are times, ‘though, when we would like to have the words already there for us to make praying easier. Jesus gave us the ‘Our Father’ for such times.

This little book is a gathering of prayers that might be useful for the school year. It will help at times when a prayer will remind us that God is present with us and sharing the journey.

Many thanks to Justin Brown of CEIST for preparing the book.

Remember that no issue is too big or too small to pray about. Click here to view this book. 


Prayers Throughout the School Year







The following student and staff prayers services were prepared by the CEIST team to assist schools in celebrating the opening of school year 2016/2017. 

We hope you find them helpful in celebrating the start of a new year in your school. 

Student Prayer Service Opening School Year 2017

Staff Prayer Service Opening School Year 2017

 Prayers for Chairs

The prayer book "Prayers For Chairs" was developed CEIST, which we hope will be helpful to chairpersons of our Boards of Mangement in beginning their board meetings with prayer.

Prayers for the Beginning of a New School Year

The following are past prayers for the beginning of a new school year prepared by CEIST, which we hope you will find useful.

Above is a short reflection for Principals for the beginning of another year leading people.

A prayer service for opening staff meeting.

A prayer service for students for the opening of the academic year.

A prayer service to celebrate the beginning of a new year in school.

Othe Prayers/Refections

A blessing for one who holds power

Principals Reflection, Principals Reflection 2, November Reflection for RE Teachers

Prayer Welcoming New Principals and Deputy Principals

World Day of Remembrance for Road Crash Victims

Click here to view link for prayer service on World Day of Remembrance, which falls on the 18th November each year.

On the Occasion of a Death

Prayer Service in Memory

Prayer on the occasion of a death

Gone from my sight


Exam Prayer