May Resources 2015

The following are RE resources kindly shared by Anna Moloney, Post-Primary Diocesan Adviser. 

May Resources

May, the Month of Mary, Pentecost and further Resources

As the academic year races swiftly towards its conclusion, you may find an opportunity to use some of the May resources on our website. I wish to draw particular attention to the resources celebrating Mary, at this special time of year.

Take a look too at this beautiful image from Twitter:
Mary, portrayed in magnificent beauty.

You might consider the following tweet from Fr. Patrick also, as an alternative to the 'End of Year' countdown: You can wait all week for Friday...

Nepal - what can we do?

CAFOD: At a time like this, when it would be so easy to despair...

Huffington Post: Muted celebrations of Buddha's birthday in grief-stricken Nepal

And finally for this topic, special thanks to Ailís Travers, who has kindly shared this beautiful Animoto Reflection Video on the Earthquake in Nepal; it will serve as an excellent way to raise awareness with your students.

Further Resources

Who is Malala? PDF Thanks to Pamela McLoughlin of Veritas, who has kindly shared this lovely teaching resource.

If you are considering Journal Work Titles 2016 for current Second Year groups, this resource shared by Dr. Jesse Rogers (Scripture Lecturer at St. Patrick's College, Maynooth) will provide an excellent starting point for b. 2:
The Development of the Early Christian Communities PDF. It may serve as a good platform for revision with exam groups too.

Looking ahead

Catholic News Service has a wealth of information about next year's celebration of the Year of Mercy, here's just one tweet: Jubilee Mercy Logo

From Huffington Post - World Religions

Photos of struggling modern day Samaritan community celebrating Passover

Also on this topic; Passover 2015, The Unleavened Basics

Ten Sacred Sites Damaged or Destroyed in the Last Ten Years

Seva means "selfless service"

To keep the Young People in our care balanced during Exam Time

There is something wrong with having no heart beyond your resume and your career

The importance of good deeds @Digitalnun - this one may need to be simplified/paraphrased!

Pope Francis: When you are worried, having trouble, try a "prayer of entrustment." Say, "Lord, I place this in your hands."

The use of Art in R.E.

These engaging video resources have been shared by Veritas; offering insights as to how Art can be used in R.E.

And finally, a lovely prayer shared by Fr. Kevin Lyons, based on Sunday's Gospel: Risen Lord...