September Resources 2015








The following student and staff prayers services were prepared by the CEIST team to assist schools in celebrating the opening of school year 2015/16. 

We hope you find them helpful in celebrating the start of a new year in your school. 

Student Prayer Service Opening School Year 2015

Staff Prayer Service Opening School Year 2015

September Resources 

The following resources were kindly shared from the Archdiocese of Dublin website. 

Opening of the School Year Mass / Prayer Services

September 8th: International Literacy Day

September 8th: The Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary

September 10th: World Suicide Prevention Day

September 11th: 9/11 R.E. Resources

September 14th & September 22nd: Jewish New Year: Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur

September 21st: International Day of Peace

September 27th: Feast Day of St. Vincent de Paul

September 29th: Michaelmas / Feast of the Archangels

Planning Resources

The Planning Resources section of our website may provide some support while you are busy making provisions for the year ahead. In particular, our Guest Speakers & Charity Links page has been updated to include a number of new recommendations. See also our link recommending Retreat Teams and Venues.

Should you be interested in bringing a group on a Pilgrim Path as a cost-effective retreat experience, click here for some resources that may assist. 

World Youth Day - Krakow 2016

Take a look at the Dublin Diocesan plans for WYD by clicking here; in particular with students in mind, take note of the option for under 18s to travel. Places are limited and Poland is so easily accessible from Ireland; book now to avoid disappointment!

Missionaries Overseas & Year for Consecrated Life

This article, written by Charlie Bird, describes his recent visit to the Philippines with World Missions Ireland; perhaps it could be examined with a Senior class group. A film of his time with the Missionaries is currently being edited and will be shared once the final adjustments have been made. World Missions Ireland can be contacted for further details, including school visits etc.

In conjunction with this, you could also refer to the items specially created to celebrate the Year for Consecrated Life if you did not have the opportunity to explore these with your students before the summer break.

This prayer for those engaged in Missionary Work could be used to conclude this topic: A Light for Missionaries, written by Jackie Pallas (WMI).

Laudato Si' - Papal Encyclical

Much has been written about the latest papal encyclical over the summer and RE Source have prepared this student-friendly summary: Pope Francis and Caring for Our World. Further classroom resources relating to the encyclical will follow in due course.

Igniter Media

Always a great source of slick worship and prayer videos, Igniter Media's latest release, Psalm 145, brings to mind the natural beauty we can see around us on these late summer/early autumn days. For further inspiration, check out these other Psalm mini-movies on their website.

RE Congress 2015 - October 17, Mater Dei Institute

Now that you are back to school, it may be easier to plan for this year's Congress; I know school life this term will be very busy but I do hope to see many of you there. Full details can be viewed by clicking here.