The Year of Mercy - 2016

The Year of Mercy will officially begin on December 8.

This piece, which features in Emmanuel 2016 by Trevor Thompson, is beautiful: Let Your Mercy Wash Over Us.

As a Native American, Thompson’s heritage and thus, appreciation for nature, is glimpsed in his lyrics. The imagery ties in with Pope Francis’ call to live out our vocation as “protectors of God’s handiwork…” in Laudato Si

Check out the Mercy Area of the WYD 2016 website.

As the Year of Mercy, this academic year offers us a great opportunity to explore the Sacrament of Reconciliation with students.

As it features a strong Mercy theme, the music from Emmanuel 2016 would add to the exploration of this topic:

Track 2: Lord, Show Us Your Mercy by Jeanne Cotter

Track 3: Prayer for Mercy [4 arrangements provided]

Track 4: Let Your Mercy Wash Over Us by Trevor Thompson

Track 5: Blest Are the Merciful