January Resources 2016

January Resources

Check out the following January Resources from Anna Maloney, Post-Primary Diocesan Adviser, Archdiocese of Dublin for inspiration in the days and weeks ahead.

Eileen Gallagher (Diocesan Adviser in Clogher) has kindly shared this Holocaust Memorial Day PowerPoint which may prove useful on Wednesday 27th January.

Check out the Holocaust Resources on the Archdiocese of Dublin website for more ideas.

TrueTube Resources

TrueTube have produced a series of educational videos, where young people visit places of worship, associated with many Christian denominations and beyond. Their narration provides details about the customs of those who gather, what visitors might see happening there etc and the title is great: Holy Cribs.

Also from TrueTube; A Pebble in The Pond asks young people the simple question: Can one person make a difference?

Trócaire Video based on Emmanuel 2016's Let Your Mercy

The footage captured in this Vimeo demonstrates the huge benefits of installing a well in the Lent 2014 village (Mua, Malawi). Perhaps you remember Enestina, who lives there and featured in the Trócaire Lent 2014 Resources. Let Your Mercy will also feature in the Emmanuel 2016 repertoire; timely as we celebrate the Year of Mercy.

Year of Mercy Classroom Resources, with thanks to Frank Brown (Parish Pastoral Worker, Clondalkin)

Introducing the Holy Year of Mercy to Students (eBook)

An Introduction to the Year of Mercy - Worksheet

The final item is entitled Family Lesson - A Holy Year of Mercy and would be lovely to explore in that setting, but this could also be relevant in the classroom.

Resources for Senior Cycle Students

This lesson plan needs little introduction; Where in the World is God?

With the sad news this week of David Bowie's passing, many resources are circulating. This one featured in a compilation from The Guardian: David Bowie: 'Life is a finite thing'. Ageing and Death can be difficult issues to discuss in class, but Bowie perfectly explores these themes in this interview from BBC Radio 4. It may spark some interesting discussions.

Feast of the Epiphany Prayer Service

In particular, an updated Prayer Service for the Feast of the Epiphany has been added to the January 6 page. The following links may also prove useful on Wednesday: From BustedHalo: What are Magi anyway? and How old was Jesus when the Wise Men arrived in Bethlehem to visit him? Cardinal Dolan on Twitter: We are called to be the "Star"...

Prayers for the New Year

Perhaps you may wish to mark the new year with one of the following options: New Year's Prayer,  Thank You Lord...
or from Huffington Post Religion: Here's to a 2016 full of good changes.

Recent News

From BBC News, encouraging us to rethink what friendship can mean: Goat and tiger's unlikely friendship

As announced in December, Mother Teresa will soon be canonised. These recent images tweeted by WYD English and Youth Ministry Team (Hexham & Newcastle) are beautiful and could be useful in classroom explorations of The Year of Mercy (Click here to see our Year of Mercy YouTube Playlist).

Furthermore, the PowerPoint - Inspiring Women of Faith: Mother Teresa & Sr. Helen Prejean - may serve as a way to remind students of Mother Teresa's legacy.

WYD English has also shared this item: Chaplet for Divine Mercy as a form of Prayer, why don't you give it a go!

Finally two options for the 'reluctant' students upon their return, to make them smile:
Are You As Happy As You Could Be? 30-Day Challenge and from The Daily Edge: This little girl tried to get another week off school with an adorable fake note.