Design a CEIST Award Competition

We are inviting CEIST schools to participate in designing a perpetual CEIST Award.

Each school is asked to organise a competition within their school in the coming weeks with a view to inviting students to submit entries for this award. Entries to be judged by a panel set up in each school and the winning entry from each school to be forwarded to CEIST for final adjudication.

The actual design can be based on any medium for example sculpture, artwork, etc. The winning design from each school to be submitted via email to, (please note that no actual model is required) shortlisting of entries will be undertaken by CEIST and schools will be notified of being shortlisted.

Deadline for submission of entries is January 31st 2015.

The design for the CEIST Award should embody or capture the spirit and values of CEIST. An Award based on the winning design will be donated by CEIST to each school for their annual Awards Ceremony. It will be awarded to the student who best exemplifies the CEIST Charter Values.

The Prize for the best design is an iPAD. Individual submission or entries from teams of two are accepted”. Also each individual school winner will receive a €50 book token. 


Click here to download Flyer.