Presentation Secondary School Castleisland Celebrate Presentation Week

Last week, Presentation Secondary School, Castleisland celebrated their ethos and mission and that of their founder Nano Nagle, with a number of activities throughout the school.

Each morning of ‘Presentation Week’, a thought for the day, which retold the story of Nano Nagle, was read through the schools intercom. Students learned of the powerful vision of a woman who fought for education for the poor during penal times.

Her dedication to the value of education has inspired the girls of Presentation Secondary School, Castleisland to design many creative posters and projects to recount their appreciation of the Presentation Community which has and continues to provide education in over 23 countries worldwide.

Throughout the week, all students attended parish mass in class groups and the activities culminated in a display and presentation of projects in the school’s social area on Presentation Day, Friday 21st November.

Members of the school’s Parents Association and Board of Management joined with the students and teachers and the local Presentation Sisters in the school on Friday morning for a celebration of Presentation day.

Principal Katherina Broderick said “This week has given our students a real sense of what it means to be a member of Presentation Secondary School. Presentation Secondary, Castleisland continues to give lived expression of the spirit of Nano Nagle. We pride ourselves on the spirit of the school and the presence of the Presentation Sisters with us here today clearly shows that we are part of a living tradition which respects faith and reason while achieving excellence in teaching and learning”.