St Mary’s College, Naas Blessing of the Beads

St. Mary’s Naas held their annual blessing of the beads ceremony on Thursday 27th November.

The beautiful liturgy was lead by local curate and school chaplain Fr. Liam Morgan. The CEIST school co-ordinator Justin Brown was also present.

The annual event affords students an opportunity to have their rosary beads or bracelet blessed and is part of the school’s own Wear your Faith with pride initiative.

Fr. Liam reminded the students of the importance of prayer in their own lives and how they could always talk to God during prayer. This fits in nicely with one of the school’s own motto which is ‘Pray, Hope and Don’t Worry’.  

At the end of the blessing the students said a decade of the rosary. One could not but be impressed with the prayerfulness of the ceremony itself and the respectful participation of the students.

In times when we hear so much about an absence of faith among our young such ceremonies serve as a heartening reminder that the spark of faith is very much alive.

The school itself is very fortunate to have a very committed RE Team which is admirably co-ordinated by Ms. Bronwyn Cuddy and Ms. Irene Woods. The RE team also organise a weekly prayer meeting every Friday. Students are invited to attend to pray a decade of the rosary for their own intentions. 

Ms. Bronwyn Cuddy and Ms. Irene Woods RE Coordinators in St. Mary's College Naas with some First Year students in the school's beautiful oratory.

Fr Liam Morgan pictured with some of the students after the ceremony. 

Fr. Liam Morgan leads the beautiful ceremony.