A New and Strong Future for Girls’ Post Primary Education in Galway City Centre

CEIST, the patron, and the Boards of Management of Presentation Secondary School and Mercy Newtownsmith are pleased to announce the next stage in the process that will see, as and from September 2016, these two schools unite as one school.

This new school will continue the proud traditions of the Mercy and Presentation Sisters and will ensure the existing provision for girls’ second-level education in the Galway city area into the future.

The new school will cater for over five hundred girls and will allow for a broader curriculum and new programme options.

From September 2015, both schools will cooperate closely in terms of curricular provision.

The proposed process to unite the two schools, which will take place over the next eighteen months, will be supported by a Steering Group. This Steering Group will have nominees of parents, teachers and members of the Boards of Management of both schools.

The Mercy Sisters have been providing second-level education in Galway city centre for 78 years and the Presentation Sisters will celebrate two hundred years of involvement in Galway city education in 2015.

The coming together of these two long-established schools will ensure the provision into the future of strong Catholic second-level education for girls in the Galway city area.

All enquiries please to the CEIST Education Office 01-6510350.