News from Coláiste Muire, Ennis

Introduction to 2nd Level Programme

This is the seventh year that Coláiste Muire has offered this programme over five days in December and January. 150 sixth class students from primary schools in our catchment area were given an insight into a typical day in second level.

Following an iPad demonstration and a short tour of the school they had a French, German and Science class. They also joined some first and second year core classes. The day concluded with a short information session with the Principal and Guidance Counsellor.


Conor and Peter Cronin of the Mustard Seed facilitated retreats for our 3rd and 5th year students from the 6th – 9th January.

The annual retreats are an opportunity for students to take time out from study and academic work to reflect on their hopes, dreams and aspirations.

Students thoroughly enjoyed the meditation and the many team building exercises.

Cardiac First Responders Course

All of our Transition Year students are now certified Cardiac First Responders following training over four days in January.

The purpose of this course is to enable students to assess a collapsed casualty and perform CPR on an adult, child and infant.

Students learn how to recognise the signs of choking, the signs of a heart attack, the signs of a stroke and they are taught how to provide treatment. All Transition Year students can now operate a defibrillator safely.

Kemmy Business School UL / BSTAI Awards

12 of our students who achieved A grades at higher level in their Junior Cert 2014 are to be presented certificates acknowledging their outstanding achievements at a ceremony in UL on 11th March.

Their parents and our Business Studies teachers will also attend.

“Be Body Positive” Programme

Fiona Flynn, Youth Development Officer with Bodywhys delivered this presentation to our 2nd year group on 19th January.

This talk was organised in co operation with our Parents Association.

Topics included:

  • What is Body Image?
  • What / Who influences Body Image?
  • Ways to feel better about yourself?
  • What are eating disorders?
  • Recovery from an eating disorder.
  • What can Bodywhys do for you?

St. Bridget’s Cross Workshop

All interested students were invited to attend this workshop held at lunch-time on 30th January in the Art Room. They learned the traditional Irish Craft of weaving a St. Bridget’s Cross.

In keeping with tradition students can now hang their cross in their house, in the kitchen or over the front door “to keep their home safe from fire and free from evil spirits for the new year!”

Tyndall Lecture

The Tyndall Lectures are held at various venues throughout Ireland at the end of January each year. Following in the tradition of the Irish physicist John Tyndall who delivered hundreds of lectures at the Royal Institution in London, the IOP Ireland -sponsored lectures use demonstrations and interactivity to enthuse students about the physics they are learning in class.
Our Transition Year physics class attended Sue McGrath’s lecture entitled “Technology Rocks” in University of Limerick on 30 January. Sue McGrath aka “Scientific Sue” is the founding director of Science2Life.

Our students learned how the scientific inputs of Volta, Oersted and Faraday lay the foundations for the development of one of the most important inventions of the 20th century; the electric guitar – the key musical instrument which totally defines the tone and character of rock and roll music.

The topics of sound, electricity, magnetism and then electromagnetism were explored in a fun and interactive fashion with the aim of explaining how the magnetic pickups on an electric guitar sense vibrations and turn it into sound.

Bar Council TY Programme

Cara Finnerty of TY2 was selected to participate in this programme from Feb 2nd – 6th. A total of 100 students from schools all over Ireland were selected to participate in the Bar Council Programme.

As part of the programme, a barrister “hosts” a group of 5 students for each morning of the 5 day programme. The barrister involves students in a variety of cases and exposes them to the daily life of a junior barrister. Students have the opportunity to ask questions of the host barrister during the morning sessions. After lunch each day students are divided into larger groups and brought to the Criminal Court Complex.

Cadette C Volleyball All Ireland Champions

Our Cadette C Volleyball team was crowned All Ireland Champions after defeating Sutton Park School, Dublin by two sets (25-12, 26-24) in O’Loughlin Gaels GAA club, Kilkenny.

In a thrilling encounter Coláiste Muire came back from 21-24 in the second set to clinch victory.

The MVP (Most Valuable Player) award went to Mary O’Conner. Congratulations to Shauna Kearney who was selected for the Irish Squad.

Coláiste Muire qualified for the All Ireland Final following victories over Mercy Coolock in the quarter finals and St. Brigid’s Loughrea in the semi finals which were held in Athlone on Monday 26th January.

Huge strides have been made in developing the game in Coláiste Muire. This year the school contested at both A and C level reaching the All Ireland Semi-final in the Girls A competition having won C at Cadette and Senior in 2012/3 and the Junior Shield in 2014.

Congratulations to all involved.