Lenten Hunger Fast and Prayer

INVITATION to join Mercy International Association–Global Action, in a DAY OF PRAYER AND FASTING ON MARCH 31st ....

The Global Catholic Climate Movement (GCCM) is an international coalition of many nations, continents and people from a variety of professions in every walk of life, who are committed to taking action and responsibility to care for God’s beautiful, life-giving creation.

GCCM put out the attached Declaration, which Mercy International Association (MIA) has signed, calling all of us to prayer and action now! As part of this commitment GCCM has initiated a worldwide Lenten Fast, which begins on Ash Wednesday – see second attachment. Each country has been invited to take a day of Lent organised by a ‘Fast Leader’ that we as in MIA- Global Action, have taken responsibility for. March 31st is the day for Ireland to pray and fast.

On Tuesday 31st, we are committing to pray and fast in solidarity with those who are most affected by the violent climate shifts and changes, especially the poor and those living in coastal communities. GCCM will be sending out resource material for us to use on March 31st, which we will share with everyone who agrees to participate with us – whatever form of prayer or fasting you are able to manage - on that day.

Please consider joining us, as together we focus on our responsibility for Mother Earth and all who share her gifts, especially the most vulnerable. As GCCM state in their statement: “We are certain that anthropogenic [human-made] climate change endangers God’s creation and us all, particularly the poor, whose voices have already spoken of the impacts of an altered climate.”


Resources to prepare your fast:

Important reminder: if you’re going to take part in the Fast (by “fasting” we mean refraining from food during a whole day, or at least one meal) please make sure you drink lots of fluids, and if you feed dizzy, weak or light-headed – eat something straight away. You shouldn’t take part in the Fast if you’re pregnant, under-12, diabetic or suffer from an eating disorder. If you have any doubts, check with your doctor first.

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