Ciara Skehan Winner of Inaugural CEIST Perpetual Award

Congratulations to Ciara Skehan, Leaving Certificate Prefect in Eureka Secondary School, who won the inaugural CEIST Perpetual Award.

The award goes to to the student who embodies the CEIST Core Values.

The design of the artwork in the award embodies the values outlined in the CEIST Charter, with the leaf representing the growth of the student during their time in school and the veins on the inside of the leaf in the form of a tree, symbolising inner strength.

During the presentation, Ms Caroline O'Reilly, Principal, said: "While Ciara is always diligent and committed to her studies, she has given freely of her time and talents to the wider school community.

She has always kept an eye out for her peers and in particular for the 1st years.

Ciara is always respectful of the whole school community and treats all those around her with dignity, kindness and compassion.

Ciara is a calm and reassuring presence in the school and she respects the unique and intrinsic core value of every person".

Pictured above Gerry McGuill of CEIST presenting the inaugural CEIST Perpetual Award to Ciara.