“Pres in Past” - A Photographic Tribute

Sunday 24th May celebrated the generations of students from near and far who had attended Presentation Secondary School, Miltown, Co. Kerry. 

A photographic exhibition beginning with a treasures 1920s boys class and ranging through every decade to the present, was unveiled to the public. Indeed this was an appropriate tribute to acknowledge and reflect on the road we have travelled, before we are catapulted on a motorway into the future.

As the crowd began to mingle classmates renewed old bonds of friendship severed by the passage and paths of time. Once familiar faces were sought among the myriad of photographs as gestures of recognition and a melody of laughter was heard through the school library. Mini reunions began to develop and treasured memories of times shared and of life since were traded.

Members of the Presentation Orders and former teaching staff were reunited with their students in the place they first met.

Long forgotten anecdotes and classroom tales were recalled, some recollecting the success of a well-planned scheme.

Mischievous smiles and glinting eyes resonated around the room. Those once ordinary schooldays took on an extraordinary dimension. Nostalgia and pride swept through the vaulted ceiling and white bricked walls as the day drew to a close.

Hundreds of people graced the rooms and corridors to pay homage to the school and a golden era of their lives.

Very shortly this building will cease to be and the landscape of Miltown will be forever changed. As with the Primary School, Second-Level education in Miltown will soon have a new stage.

While the educational needs of our future generations will now be served in modern classrooms with the very latest technologies, the ethos and mission of founders Venerable Nano Nagle and Blessed Edmund Rice will remain engrained in every aspect of the educational experience at Presentation Secondary School, Miltown.

Pres in the Past

Pres in the past, a great social meeting
For past students, young and old, to catch up after leaving.
A photo exhibition, a great success,
For students whose past friends become less and less.

Each photo was numbered within the library, the main hall,
Few people came first then a crowd, not long after the place sounded like the Dáil.
Mr. Bonner was full of praise, calling it one of the school’s great historic days.
After all our hard work, this recognition was better than being paid.

The result of many months work boiled down to one day,
From ten until four, the public refused to stay away.
Transition Years worked hard day in day out,
But in the end the reward was what it was all about.

A historic day, the last for many before the school is gone,
Lots of memories have been made here but we’ll have to move on.
New beginnings in the new school we face,
Lots of new challenges I’m sure, but I’ll never forget this place.

There was a great sense of nostalgia about the exhibition,
For there were many debates about who was who in what position.
People met friends they hadn’t seen in a long time,
But by the end of the day they were reunited.

The last great day in this old school,
Many have passed through following the rules.
But now the end for this old school is approaching fast,
And that is why we’ll never forget Pres in the Past.

By Brandon O’ Mahony (Student)