Young Mercy Leaders Report from Mount St Michael Secondary School, Rosscarbery

Sister Angela Fleming, Ms. Edel McGovern along with senior students Pia Barrett, Sarah Howarth, Derbhla Maguire and Megan O’Neill from Mount St Michael Secondary School, Rosscarbery, Co. Cork recently attended the Young Mercy Leaders’ Pilgrimage from Tuesday July 14th to Friday July 17th 2015 in the Mercy International Centre and St. Conleth’s College, Dublin.

This enriching journey brought together students, Sisters and teachers from across the Mercy world.

Mercy pilgrims from Ireland, England, Belize, America and Australia undertook their journey in the light of the story of Catherine McAuley, emerging with a deeper appreciation of our Mercy tradition – past, present and future.

Being in the Mercy International Centre was an experience like no other. Participating in wonderful discussions regarding the expression of Mercy and walking on the same floor boards that Catherine did was instrumental in exploring a deep understanding of Mercy, furthermore challenging our view on the world.

Catherine was a woman who experienced many struggles and yet had wonderful determination, never taking no for an answer. Having spent time in Catherine's places and spaces, students expressed their desires to carry forward her dream of compassion, of service and of Mercy.

This pilgrimage definitely brought Catherine 'alive'. Hearing the speakers converse with such enthusiasm and passion touched our hearts.

Some of the workshops were as follows; ‘Obtaining Justice’, ‘Praying with your Body, Mind and Spirt’, ‘Human Trafficking’, ‘Ways to Live out Mercy’, ‘Globally Connected through Mercy’ and ‘Meditation’.

The spirit of Mercy was ever present during the pilgrimage. This was an extremely positive experience, seeing such a diverse group of young leaders from around the world giving up their own time to embrace the teachings of the gospel and nourish the spirit of Catherine, carrying it with them throughout the remainder of their lives.

Students acknowledged and embraced the charisms of Mercy whilst fostering an awareness of what we can do within our school and local community.

Students experienced the riches of the Mercy story before returning to their daily lives better equipped to be leaders in their schools and world.

We left Dublin with a burning desire to do better, to be better and to start now.

“There are things the poor prize more highly than gold, the kind word, the gentle compassionate look, and the patient hearings of sorrows.” – M.C McAuley

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