'How the World Works 2' Resource for TY

For any staff working with Transition Year students, doing development education, or bringing global citizenship into your classroom, DDCI's 'How the World Works 2' is a great resource to use.

'How the World Works 2' is relevant to economics, history, geography and religious education. It is full of activities divided into four sections:

  • The first section has eleven activities and is called ‘the shape of our world’ which paints a picture of various aspects of the world today.
  • The second section of twelve activities examines causes and consequences of global inequality.
  • The third section is named ‘another world is possible’ and the focus of the four activities here is on the values and ethical questions surrounding prescribing the ‘world we want.’
  • The final section has activities to facilitate young people taking action.

The core ideas of the resource are to:

  • promote awareness about the causes of global inequalities,
  • create an understanding of how individuals and organisations can bring about change through their actions,
  • cultivate empathy towards people in the Global South linked to a sense of responsibility towards working to support justice.

This resource provides a collection of diverse activities (making use of quiz sheets, games, role play, case studies, etc) which are easy to follow and highly engaging for students.

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