Our Lady of Mercy College Beaumont Celebrate Cultural Week

We celebrate the diverse cultures and backgrounds of our students during Culture Week, Nov 23 - 27. Sixth year students curated an exhibition of Art work by 4th ,5th & 6th years which has been on display all week.

First and Second years were greatly touched by the documentary "Our Way to School". Afterwards they spoke about really appreciating how easy we have it here in Ireland.

Of course the internation table quiz held at lunchtime is always exciting and competitive. Events ended with a colourful display of dance and song as well as wonderful food.

Professor Daire Keogh, St Pats College visited for the event. He spoke about the value of education and the need to embrace diversity in our schools for both studnets and staff.

Local Radio Near FM broadcasted from the school from 11-11:30am. They were delighted with the atmosphere and they interviewed students and staff as well as Prof Keogh.

It was great to welcome many parents and past pupils.

Cultural Week