CEIST Finance Sub-Committee Training Seminars

Now that the newly configured Boards of Management have been installed and that it is likely that all Boards have convened their inaugural meetings, the Board of CEIST is holding a series of regionally located seminars on the financial responsibilities of the Board of Management’s Finance Sub-Committees.

In recent years, the Trustees have become increasingly concerned at the escalation in numbers of Boards of Management having difficulty fulfilling their obligation in matters of finance.

It is our wish to assist and inform all Finance Sub-Committees of their obligations in relation to financial best practice.

While the Articles of Management set out the obligations of the Board of Management regarding roles, responsibilities, overall governance and best practice, Article 15(d) specifically sets out the requirement to set up a sub-committee on Finance.

To this end the Trustees invite the members of each CEIST School Board of Management’s Finance Sub-Committee to attend one of the following seminars:

The Trustees would view your attendance at this seminar as being essential as this is going to be a particularly important and informative meeting.