Latest News from St. Joseph's Secondary School Rush

NCAD Access Ten Programme

NCAD Access Ten is an access programme for DEIS schools. It is now in its tenth year and we are proud to say that four of our students have been chosen to be the poster people for this special anniversary.

St Joseph’s Secondary School, Rush, Co. Dublin has developed a symbiotic relationship with NCAD, in that the college has now taken on CFES as an initiative in their college.

Students involved in this programme are offered numerous advantages. Firstly they get access days to the college and are eligible for a scholarship in June for a 3 week portfolio course. They also have access to a reduced application points on the portfolio.

As part of the Access Ten programme, NCAD offers shadowing days, where students from St Joseph’s spend 2 days with NCAD students, offer six mentor days in the school and have digital workshops with 2nd and 3rd year students in the college.

We are the only school in North County Dublin involved as an access school.

There are currently six past pupils of St Joseph’s studying in NCAD but these four students; Jade Carrick, Tara Callan, Sophie Kennedy Skipton, Weronika Ginzt, were the first students in St Joseph’s to complete the Access Programme.

St Joseph’s Students deliver Mental Health Talk to 1st Years

TY Students in St Joseph’s School were trained in presenting the Jigsaw Mental Health Awareness Talk to their peers.

Last week, they delivered the talk to a group of first year students. It was very well received by the students and the TY students were very capable and confident in dealing with this difficult issue.

Jigsaw is an organisation that offers free counselling services to young people.

As part of the national Jigsaw network supported by Headstrong the National Centre for Youth Mental Health, Jigsaw North Fingal aims to make sure that young people’s voices are heard and that they get the right support, where and when they need it.

TY students pictured: Finbar Harford, Andrea Carey, Claudia Joyce, Emmet Butterly.