Global Schoolroom

Global Schoolroom is dedicated to sharing educational experience worldwide to help eradicate poverty, promote economic development and build sustainable communities.

Global Schoolroom has five guiding principles:

  • The power of education to enlighten one another and expand each individual’s scope for opportunity.
  • A primary education for every child to achieve the UN’s Millenium development goal for universal education.
  • Sharing good educational practices to enrich the collective educational experience and widen the cultural horizons of everyone involved.
  • Working directly with teachers and communities to build a strong framework for high standards of teacher training which, once in place, can then be delivered by sustainable local networks.
  • Forging respectful links between educational partners to their mutual benefit.

Global Schoolroom is a signatory to the Comhlamh Code of Good Practice. The organisation is sponsored by Cornmarket Group Financial Services Ltd. and will complete its charitable registration in 2009.
It is supported by the ASTI, TUI, and INTO.

In partnership with University College Dublin, Global Schoolroom has developed a Diploma in Teacher Education. University College Dublin will offer those participating teachers who successfully complete the three-year programme, as set out by Global Schoolroom, 60 European Credit Transfer System credits and an undergraduate Diploma in Teacher Education.

At present, 170 Indian teachers from the Northeast are currently enrolled in the Diploma in Teacher Education. This will be completed by 2010. It is hoped that a number of these graduates will then be sufficiently enabled and confident to deliver this programme to their colleagues, thus ensuring sustainability. Those who show promise and interest in further training will be given the opportunity to travel to Ireland on a scholarship to UCD.

With four years experience in India and following fact-finding visits to Ethiopia in April 2008 and Ethiopia and Uganda in October 2008, Global Schoolroom believes that its Teacher Education Programme can be developed to address local needs in other countries throughout the developing world. In partnership with Self Help Africa, Global Schoolroom delivered a Teacher Education Pilot Programme in Uganda in July 2009. Following on the success of this programme, it is hoped that the three-year Diploma in Teacher Education will be established in Uganda in July 2010.

We are currently recruiting primary and secondary teachers from Ireland, who would become Tutors for the month of July 2010 on the Global Schoolroom Diploma in Teacher Education in Northeast India and Uganda. The selected Irish Tutors will work with Indian or Ugandan teachers for one month in 2010; formal contact with tutors to include lectures, seminars, workshops and classroom observation. Indian and Ugandan teachers will carry out autonomous learning through tasks set by Global Schoolroom Tutors for periods in between formal contact time.

In addition to the UCD accredited Diploma in Teacher Education, the volunteer Tutors from Ireland will have the opportunity to apply for a place on a specially designed one year part time Masters in Education (Mentoring), also accredited by UCD, where their experience as Tutors will form the basis of their thesis.

Application forms are available at

The closing date for receipt of application forms is Monday, November 16, 2009.

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