A Little Bit Presentation Secondary School Wexford in Africa

A very special congratulations and thank you to First Year class 1A2 in Presentation Secondary School, Wexford, who were involved in a very successful project in November.

The class collected and donated gifts of pens, pencils and colouring equipment which were given to the children in a Shanty Town in Capetown, South Africa.

The father of student, Hayley Roberts, travelled there, as part of a team, building houses. He took the gifts from 1A2 and distributed them to the children much to their delight.

He also brought a photograph of the class group to the children. On his return he brought a photo album of the children who had received the lovely gifts.

It gave the students of class 1A2 great pleasure to see the happy smiles and faces of those thrilled to receive the gifts and they received a lovely photograph of a great big ‘Thank you’.