Presentation School Askea - Comenius Programme

This school year sees the introduction of this new and exciting programme which is being co-ordinated by teacher Ms. Cadinot.

Presentation Askea is the only school in Ireland to be accepted onto the scheme, which involves ten European countries in total. Comenius seeks to develop knowledge and understanding, among teachers and students, of the diversity of European cultures, languages and values.

It helps young people acquire the basic life skills and competencies necessary for their personal development, for future employment and for active citizenship. This programme will extend over a two year period.

In March, the school will welcome teachers and students from France, Holland and Cyprus. In November both teachers and students will travel to another European country and, finally, in March 2011 there will be a gathering of students from all ten participating countries in Nancy, France.

During the two years, students and teachers will discuss "The importance of being European: are we moving towards a common European Model?."

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