Top educationalist delivers lecture at St Leo's College, Carlow

An excellent lecture was delivered to staff of St. Leo's College on Friday by Dr. Emer Smyth of the ESRI.

Dr. Smyth has gained an excellent reputation in the area of education research.  She has published a number of notable papers in the area of secondary education.  These include Do school differ? Academic and personal development among pupils in the second-level sector and also Moving up: the experiences of first year students in post-primary education.

She has also published Junior cycle: the experience of second year students and her most recent paper Gearing up for the exams.

Her lecture to the staff was based on the results of a longitudinal study of students from first year to third year in 12 diverse schools.

It looked at the experiences of students in these years.  In particular, it concentrated on the transition from primary to secondary.  It looked at the factors affecting academic achievement at junior cycle and the factors that influence whether students choose honours or pass level in exams.

The results were fascinating and provided ample material for a marvelous question and answer session between Dr. Smyth and staff members.