Joining the Dots completes a second successful pilot run

Joining the Dots: Faith, Life, Teachers, Teaching and Theology is a programme in theology and spiritual renewal for teachers. The second pilot run took place during March-April 2010 in St Mary’s Secondary School, Mallow. Joining the Dots ran for two hours over six Thursday evenings. 14 teachers from a host of different subject areas took part. The programme was facilitated by Amalee Meehan and Margaret Farrell, CEIST.

In a confidential survey, 100% of participants said that Joining the Dots enhanced their understanding of Christian faith and their own spirituality

What the participants said (St Mary’s, Mallow) . . .
“I really enjoyed the time for spiritual reflection with other people, the combination of intellectual rigour and the experiential, and the prayerful relaxation.”

“The atmosphere was very relaxed and friendly.”

“[Joining the Dots had] a lovely, respectful approach. Very good time management, facilitation and clear content, with a lovely blend of literature, theology and art. Thank you so much.”

In answer to the question “what did you find most helpful about the programme?” participants answered:

  • “Gathering as a searching community as distinct from a professional body.”
  • “The mystery of how God is at work in each person is very evident and heartening.”
  • “Time out to reflect and ponder the many questions I have wanted to explore for so long.”
  • “Talking to colleagues at a different level, so much deeper than “shop” talk.”
  • “I was glad of the opportunity to hear and read Scripture portrayed in a most enjoyable way. It has jogged my belief in God.”
  • “Having the opportunity to reflect on my spirituality and give myself space to think about me and where I’m going.”

Click here for comments made by previous participants (Mercy Mounthawk).

Joining the Dots is a school based programme. It is an invitation to every teacher in the school, of every subject area, to explore their faith and connect it to their life, especially their work life. Through connecting how God is revealed with the deep desires of the human heart, it hopes to deepen participants’ own faith, praxis and relationships – with God, with themselves, and with others - especially in the context of the school community.

There are no fees, no travel and no exams. It involves a maximum of two hours one evening a week for six weeks.

Course Outline

  • Spirituality and life’s journey: living life with meaning
  • Being a reflective teacher: is it actually possible and why bother?
  • Imago Dei: Who am I and Whose Am I - and whose are those kids!
  • Jesus - the face of God
  • Living and working from a Christian spirituality
  • Connecting the dots: what this means for me, for us & for our school

For more information or if you would like to run Joining the Dots in your school contact:

Amalee Meehan, CEIST.
Tel: 086 1704714