News from Presentation College Currylea Tuam

Junior Certificate Results

Students received their Junior Certificate results on Wednesday September 15th and as always the results were excellent with one student receiving 11As and several more receiving 9As.


















The results in English, Home Economics and CSPE were particularly good with a large number of students receiving As in these subjects. Ciara Finan received 11 As while 2 other students received 9 As.

Well done to all!

School Musical

Rehearsals are now underway for the annual school musical which takes place on Wed 15th of November for 3 nights. The musical chosen for this year is “Annie” with Elisha Garvey (First Year) in the leading role. Over 60 students will take to the stage while 20 more of our finest musicians will play in the orchestra under the baton of one of our music teachers Una McGinty.

Sports News

Sarah-Jane Fox (First Year) has recently been selected for the Connaught Swim Squad.

Mayor of Tuam







The recently elected mayor of Tuam is Presentation College Currylea past pupil Sally Ann Flanagan (pictured above). The school is very proud of her achievements.