November 19th is the Feast Day of the Sisters of the Christian Retreat









We join with colleagues and friends to wish Holy Rosary College, Mountbellew, Co Galway, a happy Feast Day today when the Sisters of the Christian Retreat celebrate their annual feast day, which falls on the 19th November.

The Christian Retreat was founded in 1789 by Fr. Anthony Sylvester Receveur. In an age when faith and morals were in decline, he offered to ordinary people a means of drawing closer to God.

Through practicing meditation and making spiritual retreats, their lives were transformed.

Today, the congregation witnesses an even greater breakdown in society, resulting in loss of faith, disorientation, loneliness and fear.

Meditation and spiritual retreats are as relevant and as needed in the 21st Century as they were in the 18th.

The spirit of Fr. Receveur is still alive and his message is still relevant today.

It gives us hope at a challenging time in Ireland. He wrote: “With joy how my heart rejoices when crosses fall on me”. “When I can see no way out, it is then that help comes”.

“We are in the way of Him who is himself our way.
In the school of Him who is himself the truth.
In the company of Him who is himself our life.”
                Fr. Anthony Receveur

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