Presentation Secondary School Waterford Trip to Berlin

The Leaving Cert History students of Presentation Secondary School Waterford are back from Berlin, where they went as part of their studies.

Whilst in Berlin the students and their teachers Orla Bolger and Ruth Gallen met the Irish Ambassador to Germany, Waterford local, Mr. Dan Mulhall.

They visited many historical sites, including the Checkpoint Charlie Museum, the Topography of Terror Exhibition, the Stasi Museum and the Memorial to the Murdered Jews.

They went on a bike tour of the city, which gave them a great opportunity to see the wonderful city.

Since their return the students have been writing up their Research Study Reports (RSRs) focusing on one aspect of their trip, such as 'Methods Used to Get Over the Berlin Wall' and 'Barbed Wire Sunday' and this will hopefully account for 20% of their final mark in their Leaving Cert History exam. 

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Photo Album from Berlin Trip











Pictured above are the students with the Irish Ambassador to Germany, Mr. Dan Mulhall.











Pictured above students and teachers setting off on bike tour.










Students at Brandenburg Gate











Pictured above students at checkpoint charlie.