St. Anne's Secondary School Win Recycling Award

Transition Year students in St. Anne's Secondary School, Tipperary Town, Co. Tipperary, had a great win in the Rehab WEEE recycling competiton.

The Tranistion Year students won their prize for a School/Communtiy based Electrical Products Re-cycling project.

This was organised by Rehab and WEEE Ireland.They collected the largest number of units for re-cycling in the Munster region.They also submitted a research project on re-cycling in general.

The team of students involved on the project (pictured below) were Tierney Bishop, Sinead Compton, Amy Cummins, Katie Bennett, Lorna Chan, Jean Fitzgerald, Theresa O'Dwyer, Katie Crowe, Maria Dillon, Aisling Bourke, Laura Nash, Megan Stanley and Kellie Bourke.











The school will receive 10 upgraded computers from Rehab Ireland. The Rehab WEEE will be an annual project for the school.

CEIST congratulates all teachers and students involved on the project.