The Directory is a tool for renewal of the Church writes Maeve Mahon

Maeve Mahon has written the following article regarding the publication of the National Directory for Catechesis in Ireland.

"The publication of a National Directory for Catechesis in Ireland has been a long time coming and it is a truly significant moment in the life of the Irish Church. However, the significance of this particular document will only be fully understood and realised if there is a real and strategic commitment to its implementation.

At its launch last Wednesday, Archbishop Martin likened Share the Good News to a "time bomb" being thrown not just into the Catechetical community but into the whole Church. Many of those present probably welcomed the analogy or at least the possibility that such an explosion might cause profound changes in the way that the work of catechesis and evangelisation is managed and undertaken in the Irish context.

My own initial response was and indeed continues to be to embrace the notion of something that would give us the opportunity to begin to completely re-imagine the way we work in this area. I began to think of cleared ground and fresh soil in which to plant seeds and begin again the task of re-engaging with people who seek to know God and wish to be able to confidently articulate what they believe and why the believe it.

I found myself imagining the rich harvest that a real commitment to resource and support parish based catechesis and faith development for young people and adults would bring to our parish communities.

Consider the possibilities that would be opened up by having qualified and professional people working together with those in ordained ministry to build anew the reign of God. These and many other suggestions form only a small part of the very rich tapestry that Dr. Gareth Byrne has woven together in this document that offers us a renewed vision of what it truly means to be people of God, who together live, share and are the Good News.

Having had some time to further reflect, it occurs to me that a time bomb is usually planted by those who seek to have control over where and when it explodes. It is the members of the Episcopal Conference who have published this document and who have shepherded it through the long and arduous process to its publication and for this they deserve much credit.

I hope that they have the courage to push the button and enable all of us to ensure that this book does not sit on a shelf and gather dust but rather becomes a tool for renewal of the Church in Ireland".

Maeve Mahon Works in Faith Development Services in the Diocese of Kildare and Leighlin. Maeve is also a member of the Board of CEIST.

(Article courtesy of the Irish Catholic).