Presentation College, Carlow undertake massive tree-felling operation!









Over 140 trees have been cut down within the grounds of Presentation College, Carlow dramatically changing the landscape in this area of the town. The trees were mainly leylandiis and poplars, some of which are almost 30 years' old and had grown to such an extent that they obscured the view of the school from adjoining roads.

The massive tree-felling operation was carried out by local company Tall Trees.

The work also involved an extensive replanting programme, using shrubs and trees more suitable within the school grounds and the construction of a perimeter fence.

Ray Murray, Principal of Presentation College, Carlow, stated that the tree felling was necessary to allow this perimeter fence to be put in place and also to tidy the entire area.

"The trees were mainly leylandiis and poplars which were coming out onto the footpath on O'Brien Road and were really unsuitable," he said.

Mr Murray also pointed out that the trees created security issues for the school, with members of the public regularly using the school grounds as a short cut. " The school grounds are not a public park and I would appeal to people not to use the school grounds as a public park.

Of course we welcome people and various groups using the school facilities, but this has to be done on a formal basis with the support of the board of management," he said.

Mr Murray said the reaction to the tree felling has been very positive, opening up the school grounds and allowing the public greater visibility of Presentation College.