Leading and Sensemaking at Work

The Emmaus Retreat and Conference Centre, Swords, Co Dublin,
12th- 15th January 2012

This conference is being organised by the Irish Group Relations Organisation (IGRO) in collaboration with Group Relations International.

Aim of Conference:

IGRO and GRI share an aim for this conference to facilitate participants to be more effective in their workplace and communities.

This non-residential conference will explore issues of individual and professional leadership, authority and power. It will offer an opportunity to make sense of group and systems dynamics.

The conference may also shed light on the concerns and uncertainties generated by the profound economic, social and cultural change of the past few years.

Who should attend?

Professionals from a wide range of organisations in the public, private, voluntary, and community sectors who are leaders and managers, those who consult to organisations, as well as those with an interest and curiosity about leadership and management in general.

What does the conference offer?

The conference will provide opportunities for participants to:

  • Examine ways in which certainties and uncertainties may influence their thinking;
  • Develop capacities for exercising authority, exploring vulnerability and power asnecessary components of taking up management and leadership roles.
  • Explore resistance to change in themselves and others;
  • Understand how organisational structures provide emotional security at work;
  • Explore the dynamics of personal, professional and group identity;
  • Experiment with ways of engaging with difference (e.g. concerning age, gender,
    ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, culture);
  • Consider how people and organisations are influenced by - and contribute to -
    their cultural, political and economic contexts;
  • Apply conference experiences to their personal and professional life;
  • Develop insights about the organisational culture and communities where they
    work and live.

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