Joining the Dots runs in Christ King Secondary School Cork

Christ King Secondary School, Cork became the latest school to successfully run Joining the Dots. 12 staff members from a host of different subject areas took part.

Joining the Dots is a school based programme in theology and spiritual renewal for all staff. There are no fees, no travel and no exams! It involves about 90 minutes one evening a week for five weeks.

Teaching can be so life-giving but it can also be draining. Joining the Dots offers soul time - an opportunity for teachers to catch their breath, to reflect on their life experience, to ask good questions, and to remember that even if we are tired of looking for God, God never tires looking for us.

What participants have been saying:

“I always felt encouraged and loved the use of different media – text, visuals, music. It was a very positive experience. I could not make a negative comment.”

“It gave me allocated time to stop and think - something we tend to assume we do naturally but are too often rushed.”

“I enjoyed the programme very much and thought it was a great way to stand back in this busy world and examine life and faith.”

“It took me on a journey, especially as I am not a religion teacher. I think I appreciate my faith and how it helps me in my work and home.”

Initiated in Mercy Mounthawk by Amalee Meehan and John O’Roarke, this is the fifth run of the programme. In each case, approximately 12-15 teachers from a host of different subject areas took part.

For further details on Joining the Dots, or to read more feedback from participants, go to and select Faith Development or contact Amalee Meehan at or 086-1704714.

Comments from Previous Participants 

Joining the Dots Pilot Project (December 2009)

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