Sacred Heart Secondary School Drogheda School News

Fiona Cairns, Sacred Heart Secondary School Drogheda Public Relations Co-Ordinator, has kindly shared the following student news with CEIST. 

Regional Finalists A.I.B. Build a Bank Competition

Congratulations to our Transition Year 'Chitty Chitty Bank Bank' as they have qualified for the National A.I.B. Build a Bank Challenge which will take place on 21st April, 2016.

Pictured above Carenza Rock - Bank Manager,  Bronagh James- Assistant Bank Manager, Gemma Corboy - Customer Services Representative, Aisling Haigney - Digital officer, Zoe Mohan - Sales and Marketing Executive and Abigail O Neill - Financial Controller. 

Sacred Heart Under 16s Gaelic Leinster Champions!

On Friday, 26th February, our under 16s Gaelic Football Team travelled to Bray, County Wicklow to take part in the School Gaelic Leinster Finals. They travelled in a team of nearly 30 girls. The opposing team was a team from Loreto in Gorey, Co. Wexford. Our team consisted of girls from a variety of local Gaelic clubs.

The match got off to a great start with equal possession of the ball for both teams. The girls tackled well, and kept the score almost level for the duration of the first half, with only 1 point in it at half time: 1-4 to 1-5, but unfortunately the opposition were ahead.

The second half started off very well, as Sacred Heart scored a quick goal in the first few minutes. However the opposition equalised soon after, making it a very close game once again. After a long battle, it was the Sacred Heart team who came out on top and won the Leinster Final by a single point!

Final Score: 4-5 to 3-7

Our very own Laura Downey was also chosen as Player of the Match after she played an outstanding game.

  • Aoife Lenihan – 2pts
  • Lana Devine – 1 pt
  • Caoimhe McPeake – 1pt
  • Alison Boyle – 1 goal
  • Jill Kenny – 1 goal
  • Deanna McGowan – 1pt 1 goal

Thank you to Shane Lennon, former Louth County Star and Development Coach, for coming to the Sacred Heart on Friday, 04 March, and presenting the team with their Leinster Under 16s Medals.

Goal Schools Development Education Workshop

On the morning of the 3rd of February 2016, Louise Merrigan , a representative volunteer from GOAL, and her colleague Alliyah, a native Syrian who works with GOAL, gave an informative workshop on the topic of conflict to the Transition Year classes in The Sacred Heart School.

The Transition Years had previously attended a talk given by Louise before Christmas and had presented Louise with a cheque for €1,550 which was raised from our Jersey Day on 15th October, 2015 in aid of the Syrian Refugee Crisis. They expressed such an interest in the subject that they asked GOAL to return again.

The workshop began with an interesting brainstorm about conflict and how it can affect the lives of various groups of people within the country of conflict, Syria, and in other parts of the world. The girls got stuck in and began to discuss among themselves about how conflict can drastically change someone’s life so quickly.

One of the most unique and intriguing experiences was hearing from Alliyah, a Syrian herself. She gave a vivid picture of life back home and how this conflict has changed lives so suddenly. The students were captivated as we see this issue posted on T.V, the internet and in newspapers, but to hear from someone who has experienced this conflict at first hand was definitely an eye opening experience. The girls became more clued in and more curious about the happenings in Syria, Then Louise showed a striking and emotive video.

The video displayed a drone flying over the once prosperous, atmospheric and lively city of Homs. Jaws dropped and heads shook at the images and sights the girls had just seen. A dormant, destroyed and ghost-like, fallen city filled the screen. After the siege of Homs, a busy city only fifteen minutes away from Alliyah’s home town, countless lives and homes had been lost and the city left to rot. It was something like you would see in a horror film. Whispers filled the room and the girls discussed how something has to be done to stop this. It put everything the girls had heard about, read about and seen into perspective.

The next part of the workshop involved discussing conflict more close to home. We tend to forget that we too have experienced some conflict. Louise read out some headlines from “The Troubles” and to the students’ surprise they sounded a lot like the headlines we read about today concerning various other conflict-filled parts of the world.

To finish the workshop the girls were separated into teams to place the most important needs during a conflict to the least important needs in a conflict in a descending line. This was an extremely difficult task to complete. When put into this position it’s challenging to differentiate what you would class as a top priority need when there are so many basic rights and needs. Lastly, the girls discussed some ideas and projects in order to raise money for GOAL and to also raise more awareness about the Syrian Crisis.

“Overall, we had an enjoyable and eye-opening morning that drastically changed our views on the conflict in Syria and encouraged us to make others much more aware about this crisis that requires our urgent help. Thank you, Louise, Alliyah and our teacher, Ms. Austin.”

Please follow this link to learn more about the wonderful work GOAL does to help communities around the world. Thank you.

Sacred Heart School Drogheda - Digital Champions

The Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources has developed a new initiative, The School Digital Champion programme, with the support of the Department of Education and Skills.

This initiative is in line with the National Digital Strategy and the recently launched Digital Strategy for Schools.

This optional programme will provide students with opportunities to engage with some of the leading technology companies, to be recognised for their skills and to showcase their digital achievements on a national platform.

Our School Digital Champions, Caoimhe Judge, Jill Kenny, Ciara Moroney, Emily Costigan and Rebecca Connor, took part in a training day in Galway on Thursday, 4th February, 2016.

Workshops covered Web Design, App Development and Video Editing.

Students were accompanied by Mrs. Mitchell and Ms. L. Shanahan. A very informative day was enjoyed by all.

Junior Certificate Business Studies Award for Excellence

Congratulations to four of our students, Rachel Milsom, Abby O Neill, Caoimhe Judge and Orla Butler on receiving their Awards for Excellence in Junior Certificate Business Studies 2015.

Mrs. Ann Mitchell (Teacher) and Orla Butler (Student) accepted the award on behalf of the Sacred Heart School in recognition of the successful Junior Certificate results achieved.

The event took place on Tuesday 9th February at the N.U.I. Maynooth Presentation Ceremony for Excellence in Junior Certificate Business Studies 2015.

Our Principal, Ms Carroll, presented the girls with their awards during assembly on Monday, 29th February.

Congratulations also to the teachers in the Sacred Heart School’s Business Department.