Is Your School Ready For Winter Weather?

Over the past two years many schools have suffered significant loss and/or damage to their premises as a result of the severe weather conditions that we have experienced in Ireland.

Apart from the financial cost associated with such losses they can also seriously disrupt the day to day operation of the school and causes emotional distress to staff, pupils, parents and the community in which the school is located.

In many cases the losses and disruption could have been prevented or reduced by the implementation of good maintenance and loss prevention measures. Last year Allianz plc published a guide “Protecting Your School from Fire and Weather Related Losses”. This guide provides information on how to protect your school as regards:

  • Frost / Freeze
  • Storms
  • Flooding
  • Fire
  • General Maintenance

Included also is a simple checklist that you should complete as soon as possible. This will help in reducing the possibility of any damage or disruption that might be caused over the coming winter months.

Both the Guide and Checklist was distributed to all schools last year and can be accessed by clicking on the following link: