Christmas Weather Message from Allianz

As the Christmas holiday period approaches, the Met Office has forecast sub-zero conditions again over the weeks ahead. Last year many schools experienced the inconvenience of suffering frost damage to heating systems and water pipes.

We have compiled some basic advice for schools on best practice to prevent damage and disruption to your school over the coming Christmas Holiday period.

  • Maintain heat in the building throughout the holiday period. Set the heating system to heat the building intermittently throughout day and night. If there are water tanks or pipes in the attic its advised to leave trap doors open so heat can reach all areas to prevent frozen pipes
  • Make sure there is a sufficient supply of heating oil
  • If for some reason the heating cannot be left on during the holidays, turn off the mains water and ask staff to drain taps.

Also to ensure long term ongoing maintenance of the water and heating systems over winter period, Allianz recently issued a publication entitled ‘Protecting your school property from Frost/Freeze related losses’ and this brochure can be accessed through the link - Allianz’s 7 steps to protecting your school property

Hopefully these preventative measures will pay dividends by ensuring a return for everybody to a warm and dry school.

During the Christmas Holiday, if you identify any damage or potential damage from the weather events, please contact the Allianz Claims Dept on 1850 77 77 99 or your local Allianz representative immediately with a note of your Policy Number and they will provide you with assistance

Our team in Allianz would like thank you for your continued support and to wish you a Very Happy Christmas and New Year.