News from Presentation Secondary School, Thurles

Transition Year Cultural Trip

On Thursday, the 26th of January, the Pres TY's made their annual cultural trip to Dublin. With an early 7am start, and not returning home until 11.30, it was a tiring, but a very memorable day!

Our first stop was the exquisite Dublin Castle. We learned of its past and present importance, hosting guests such as the Queen, Barack Obama and our very own, Michael D. Higgins.

We then continued to Leinster house, where we watched a debate and and learned the history of our Parliament.Our final stop was the Gaeity Theatre, where we saw the brilliant, Robinson Crusoe. With laughs a plenty, songs galore and the occasional 'He's behind you!', we had a great time!

Of course there were opportunities throughout the day for a spot of shopping on Grafton Street. But the highlight of the day was most definitely meeting our President, Michael D. Higgins, who was present at Dublin Castle this particular day. He was more than willing to join in a group photo with us, and told us to enjoy our day.

We'd like to thank all the teachers involved, and especially our Year Head, Ms. O' Keeffe, who organised our day out !

By Shauna O’Flynn TY

Law Day 

On Monday the 23rd of January Kate Hedigan BCL came to give our class a talk about Law Education. Most of us did not think it would be very interesting but our opinions soon changed after about 10 minutes into our day!

She captured our attention by giving us a resume of her own career. During the morning session we discussed what we knew about the legal profession and legislation today. We discussed cases that we had heard of and what we knew about them. Kate also explained to us the differences between the work of a solicitor and a barrister.

We learned what life in a prison would be like and I can tell you it would not be nice! Kate told us about cases she had dealt with and explained how a case developed. At the end of the day we were divided into groups of six and each group was given a court case to act out and Kate was the judge.

While some cases were of a serious nature, surprisingly some cases had a humorous element to them. It was a very successful day and every student in Transition year thoroughly enjoyed it. I think a lot of people changed their opinion about the legal system and law as a profession.

By Lydia O’Toole TY

Transition Year Work Experience

This year we have a TY group of 102 girls and finding work experience placements for that many girls during the same week was going to be a challenge.

Thankfully everyone found a place where they could go and learn more about day to day work and many thanks to those who facilitated us.

All of us really enjoyed our last work experience week in November and we are eagerly looking forward to our second exposure to the world of work.

Our placements range from primary schools to pharmacies and some girls have the chance to work in Dingle Ocean-world Aquarium, Bord Na Mona, the blood labs in St. James Hospital in Dublin and with fashion designer Lousie Kennedy!

And of course we must mention our local businesses and their willingness to give us a chance, without whom we could never have successful work experience.

We appreciate the opportunity and hope everyone benefits from the week! Thanks to our teachers, and to our new temporary employers for their help and support.

By Mary-Claire Hanafin