Meditation with Children: A Gift for Life

Meditation with Children: A Gift for Life is the title of a seminar being organized by Christian Meditation Ireland in association with Meditatio, the outreach of the World Community for Christian Meditation (WCCM). This important occasion in the life of Christian Meditation Ireland will take place on Tuesday, 2nd October 2012.

The hope is that principals and teachers from schools and others from youth projects will attend. The intention is to develop a pilot project following the seminar with schools who would like to explore the practice. Christian Meditation Ireland will offer full training to the staff of schools participating in the project, beginning with schools that wish to introduce the practice on a whole-school basis.

Research and experience show that children have a natural capacity for meditation. At the seminar, Fr. Laurence Freeman, Director of WCCM, will explore how we can make this spiritual practice and universal life-skill available to more children and teachers, helping them to deal better with the challenges and pressures of life.

The seminar will offer practical advice to schools on how to introduce the practice and will present one case studies on DVD showing how schools in England and Northern Ireland have successfully introduced Christian Meditation to their schools, often on a whole-school basis.

The forum will take place at the Emmaus Retreat & Conference Centre, Ennis Lane, Lissenhall, Swords, Co. Dublin – just off Exit 4 on the M1, north of Dublin Airport. It will run from 9.00 am to 4 pm on Tuesday, 2nd October 2012.

To encourage early registration, there is an Early Bird price for the Forum for those who book before 30th June. The cost is just €50 (£43 NI) for one participant and €40 (£35 NI) for additional participants from the same school or organisation provided the booking is made before 30 June 2012. The standard fee is €65 (£55 NI) for one participant and €55 (£46 NI) for additional participants from the same school or organization and will apply to all registrations posted after 30th June 2012.

To book, please complete the Registration Form and return with your payment to Meditation with Children Forum, c/o Eilish Tennent, 10 Sydenham Road, Dundrum, Dublin 14

Additional Information

There is a strong panel of speakers for the forum. Fr. Laurence Freeman OSB, Director, WCCM, will describe the practice and tradition of Christian Meditation and situate it in the context of a pluralist world today and the spiritual life of the child. He will also talk about the faith of children and their inherent aptitude for meditation.

Kim Nataraja will talk about the fruits and benefits of this contemplative practice. Kim is Interna tional Coordinator for The School of Meditation and has worked extensively on developing the Meditation with Children project. A retired college lecturer, she is a writer and spiritual director and leads meditation retreats worldwide. She will explore how meditation, with its emphasis on silence and stillness, is an antidote to the busyness of modern living; an alternative way of being in the world that leads to a sense of personal wholeness, connectedness to others and to the Divine.

Charles Posnett will outline how many different schools in the UK have adopted the practice of Christian Meditation on a regular, whole-school basis. Charles is Coordinator for Christian Meditation with Children in the UK, a role he shares with his wife Patricia. They have facilitated the introduction of Christian Meditation to over 100 schools in the last 18 months. His talk will explore the lessons learnt as the practice was implemented across the schools, the positive impact on pupils and teachers and what they offered schools in terms of training and resources.

Noel Keating will talk about our plans for developing the practice in schools and other centres across Ireland. Noel is Coordinator for Christian Meditation with Children in Ireland and works with Phil McQuillan who liaises with schools in Northern Ireland. Noel will summarise our plans for a pilot project with schools and other centres and will outline the support that Christian Meditation Ireland will offer to schools - including whole-staff in-service at primary level and peer-sup port networks at all levels. Noel’s professional career has spanned 40 years in education; he is a former Principal of Presentation College, Carlow and later worked as Education Officer for the Presentation Sisters supporting the Boards and senior management of over 40 schools at primary and second level.

For booking queries please contact Eilish Tennent on 01 2985370 or by e-mail to For all other enquiries – or to offer support with any aspect of the project – please contact Noel Keating on +35387 2251183 or by e-mail at