Upcoming Sisters of Mercy Events

The Dublin Pilgrimage for Young Mercy Leaders and International Good Cup of Tea day are two very interesting upcoming events being run by the Sisters of Mercy.

Dublin Pilgrimage for Young Mercy Leaders 

From the evening of Tuesday 16th July until the afternoon of Friday 19th July 2013, students from Mercy Secondary Schools will travel to Mercy International Centre in Dublin.

These Mercy pilgrims will undertake their journey in the light of the story of Catherine McAuley, foundress of the Sisters of Mercy.

Students who participate in this pilgrimage will emerge with a deeper appreciation of our Mercy tradition: past, present, and future.

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International Good Cup of Tea

Between 24 September and 12 December (the Season of Mercy), Mercy groups throughout the world are invited to join an international 'Good Cup of Tea' event.

By supporting this event, you are helping Mercy International Association to keep the founding spirit of Catherine alive today.

What is the Mercy Good Cup of Tea about?

In her last moments, Catherine McAuley directed that the Sisters would have a good cup of tea together in the community room, after she had gone.

During the Season of Mercy, an International 'Good Cup of Tea' day is being organised by the Sisters of Mercy.

It is a fundraising event to help us keep the spirit of Catherine alive in our world today. The Sisters of Mercy invite people across the Mercy world - in communities, schools, hospitals and places of ministry or any other chosen place - to organize and hold a 'Good Cup of Tea' event, where donations on the day are made to Mercy International Association.

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